Are you licensed with the state of Alabama? 
Yes, I am! The state of Alabama requires a state and county license for any business and for all businesses to pay taxes. I am currently licensed in Elmore County and the City of Millbrook. If you live outside of this area and would like an on-location shoot near your home, please contact me and I will get the appropriate license for your county. I also have liability insurance with State Farm in the event something unforeseen were to happen during your session.

How far in advance should I book a session with you? 
As soon as possible! I typically have 3 to 4 sessions scheduled each week, so the sooner you schedule the better chance you have to get your preferred date, time and location.

Do you offer digital files? 
Yes, my packages come with either 10 digital images or a complete set of all edited images (usually about 30).

How far do you travel? 
For on-location (outdoor) shoots, I’m really willing to go anywhere, but a travel fee will apply if over 20 miles distance round trip.

What should I wear? 
In general, for family photo, pick three colors, one being a neutral (like white, black, beige, etc), then form everyone’s wardrobe around those colors (accessories included). Coordinated outfits often turn out better than identical outfits.

How long does it take to get our pictures back? 
Well that depends on the time of year. It can take anywhere from 2-5 weeks, but normally takes less than a week! I treat every photo as if it were of my own family, so I take it very seriously! In order to ensure best quality, I try not to rush like a mad woman and deplete my creative juices! That time is also is due to the fact that at the time of your shoot I am usually in the process of editing at LEAST two other sessions, and I edit in the order the sessions have taken place. If I am running a few weeks out and you’d like an image for announcements, let me know when you book.

We have a family pet that we would like in our family picture… can we bring them? 
Because I work with newborns and young babies in studio, I ask that pets not be apart of the session. If you’d like to include Fido, we can arrange something either in your home or outdoors.

How many photos do you take during the shoot?
Particularly with children, I keep the shutter snapping, as I am in LOVE with the moments IN BETWEEN poses. For an hour shoot, I take anywhere between 200-900 photos! I know, sounds like a lot, but I weed out a lot too 🙂 Depending on your package will depend on the number of proofs available.

Where should we have the session?
Newborns are photographed in my in home studio located in Millbrook, AL. For maternity sessions and milestones, This is completely up to you. Parks are the most common on-location spots, but I do have several other lesser known locations that I love to visit as well!

Can we get the original unedited photos?
No… I reserve the right to edit and release only the images that I deem creditable as professional in quality and within Ashley O’Field Photography’s standards. That’s like a photographer giving you the negatives or a painter giving you his rough sketch… it’s weird and doesn’t do justice to the art, the model, or the artist. Most of my clients come by word of mouth after seeing my work in someone’s home or Facebook, and I wouldn’t want a photo released that doesn’t represent my work.

Is there a time limit for ordering my photos?
Yes, your gallery will be online for 14 days of the date your gallery is opened. After gallery expires there will be a fee of $20 to re-open.

What is a sitting fee?
A sitting fee is not an extra fee, but taken off the balance of your entire session. For all sessions, unless otherwise stated, a $50 sitting fee is due to hold date/time. Until the sitting fee is paid, the date of your shoot stays open for anyone else looking for a session. Sales tax is included in price when applicable.

Why are digital files so expensive?
A digital file is essentially the equivalent of a negative in a film camera. For me, once a digital file is sold, I lose ALL future profit from that image, since the client now has the right the print from any vendor of their choice. I keep my price per digital file at the lowest possible price, however, I can not give them away for free.

How long do sessions usually last?
Each package has an approximate time associated with it; however, I do not watch the clock during your session. It might go a little shorter than your allotted time or a little longer. If you have somewhere else to be, please let me know so I don’t run you late! I love taking pictures and have been known to go over the allotted time.

Do you photograph events?
No, at this time only newborns in studio (or outdoors during warmer weather) and maternity on location.

How did you get started?
I got my first camera for Christmas when I was in second grade. I took so many pictures, I actually got in trouble! Keep in mind, this was a film camera and film was not cheap! In high school, I got my first digital camera and have been taking pictures ever since. I started in landscape photography and have just recently, within the last year, began with portrait photography. I have found my calling in life! I love photography, meeting new clients, and providing them with pictures they will love and cherish for decades to come!

What type of editing do you do on the photos?
I spend approximately 20-30 minutes per image editing! Though I can change backgrounds, clothes, eyes, etc… I generally do NOT do this. I only edit exposure, lighting, clarity, shadows, and the occasional boo boo that the parents wish wasn’t there! Generally, also, things in the background; for example, cars, trash cans, etc…

When I order prints, do they come with your logo on them?  
Your prints will NOT have my logo on them. Only the photos that are used for online proofing, social sharing or Facebook previews will have my name and logo.

Will you upload my photos to Facebook or Instagram?
I do not upload your entire session to Facebook or Instagram, but whether or not I post several photos is completely up to you. I will not post to Facebook or Instagram without asking you first. **Note, no photos will be uploaded to Facebook or Instagram until session is paid in full.


If you have any other questions that were not answered above, please feel free to contact me here.