I was told years ago I would never have children of my own, so imagine my surprise when I found out in July of 2015 that I was pregnant! It was the most amazing and painful experience of my life, but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. I now get to wake up to my beautiful daughter smiling at me every day. I hear her giggle and say, “Mama Mama Mama” over and over all day long. Motherhood and parenthood has been difficult at times, but a more amazing and rewarding experience than I could have ever dreamed. I beat infertility, I beat the odds and now have the two best jobs in the world. When I started in photography many years ago, I was afraid of babies. They seemed so little and fragile that I was terrified. Then in April 2013, I took on a newborn session – and fell in love!!! I devoted my life to capturing the pregnancy experience, births, and newborns with their tiny fingers and toes and those sweet innocent smiles. This also gave me a chance to snuggle with babies, when I so desperately longed for my own. Then, in March 2016, my daughter Jordan Elise was born. The pregnancy was difficult to say the least; bed rest from 14wks on was not fun, but I made it. I did it! I won – and my prize is this tiny little girl who is growing up much to fast. Though I can no longer photograph births, I can still capture the memories of pregnancies and newborns. I am looking forward to this amazing adventure.

baby girl sleeping mauve wrap

newborn girl looking camera

baby girl curled up

Milestone photo baby holding head up

8 month old girl smiling at the camera


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